If you are a retail banking customer, you may contact us 24/7 on +96824730000

If you are a Wholesale Banking customer, you may contact us between 8:00am – 3:00pm on +96824761761

Call centre services


Sohar International credit cards schemes and loans.

Account Balance

You can get your savings, current and your fixed deposit account balance. Transaction details of your account can be provided also.

Loan Related Queries

Get details of the outstanding loan amount, enquire about your loan account, request for information on interest rate applicable on your account and monthly repayment.

Latest Interest/ Exchange Rates

Get the latest interest rates on deposits and Foreign Exchange rates.

Credit/ Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Get the details of your outstanding, available and due amount and details of transactions and purchases.

Service Information

Information on our services like Branch working hours, Branch & ATM locations.


Reporting Lost/ Stolen Card

If stolen/ lost your Visa Electron/ Pre-Paid/ Credit Card; call us to block your card immediately.

Cards Activation

You can activate your Credit, Pre-Paid and Internet Cards.

Activation of Internet usage for pre-paid/ credit cards

You can activate your pre-paid/ credit cards to use it over the Internet.

Visa Debit Card PIN number

You can reset your Visa debit card PIN number if exceeded number of tries and you can apply for your Visa debit card PIN number if you have forgotten it.

Visa Credit Card PIN number

You can request to rest your Visa credit card PIN number if you have forgotten it.

Change alert language

You can request to change your prefer language for Alert SMS.

Increasing/ Decreasing the POS Limits

You can increase/ decrease the POS limits of your debit card during banking business hours.

Enabling/ Disabling SMS & Internet Banking Services

You can Enable or Disable your SMS & Internet Banking services.

Verify by Visa

You can unblock/ reset your password of Verify by Visa which is an additional security of Visa Card’s ‘Secure Code’, when you shop online with Sohar International Credit/ Pre-Paid Cards.

Report unauthorized transactions

Other services

Complaints and Suggestions

Sohar International welcomes your feedback and opinions on our services. You can always reach the Call Center to voice your opinion. Service is available to all Sohar International customers and non-customer’s as well.

For any Complaints or Suggestions call us on 24730000 or mail to customerservice@soharinternational.com


Call Centre Service is available to all Sohar International customers and non customer as well. Literate individuals, proprietorship, partnership and corporate customers.

Report suspicious emails/ Fraud incidents

To report any suspicious emails call us on 24730004 or mail to fraudreport@soharinternational.com

Wholesale banking

Wholesale banking helpdesk

Our agents handle issues related to Internet Banking directly from the customer and internally contacts the respective unit accordingly. In addition to handling daily customer requirements, following are the major tasks performed by the Wholesale banking helpdesk agent:

  • Prepare and send periodically (daily or weekly) statements for pre-listed companies
  • Action service requests raised through Internet Banking (e.g. cheque books and due diligence)
  • Forward hard copy account statements of RTGS and Credit Advice for listed company
  • Activate Internet Banking users after receiving acknowledgment from branches
  • Handle Wholesale Banking user complaints
  • Handle account related inquiries
  • Assist users on the usage of Internet Banking and other transaction related inquiries through the channel

To utilize on our dedicated services, please call us on 24761761 within the bank official working hours, from 8 AM till 3 PM.

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