Visa Prepaid cards have all the benefits you would expect from Visa and are simple and convenient to use — even if you do not have a bank account or an established banking history.

With a Visa prepaid card, you can only use the amount loaded onto it, which helps to control spending. Prepaid cards are a safer alternative to gift vouchers, checks or cash and can be used at millions of shops and other outlets around the world.


ATM withdrawal fee


Card issurance fee

Minimum Salary
Issuance Fee
Cash withdrawal
Max 500 per day
What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card looks like any other Visa card, but works differently. You can use it wherever Visa cards are accepted, but you can only spend up to the available balance on your card. With a prepaid card, you load funds onto your card and use that money to make purchases and withdraw cash. You are not borrowing money from a bank or other financial institution.

How does a prepaid card work?

The prepaid card can be used wherever Visa Cards are accepted, including at ATM’s. The cardholder signs for purchases and gets a receipt. However, unlike a credit card, each purchase is deducted from the prepaid balance on the card.

Where can I use my prepaid card?

You may use your prepaid card to make purchases at over 2.5 ATM’s and 40 Million merchants worldwide. You can make online purchases, buy airline tickets, pay hotel and car rental bills as well as pay for petrol or groceries and much more!

How is a prepaid card different from a credit card?

The prepaid card looks like a credit card. It has the Visa logo and allows the convenience of cashless purchases like a signature-based credit card. Your card is pre-loaded with an amount that you determine and which is taken from your own account.

For a prepaid card, there is no “line of credit” extended. This means that your spending limit is determined by the amount of money that you have loaded to your card. Best of all, because it’s not a credit card, there are no finance charges, no late fees, and no accumulation of debt."

What are the advantages of the prepaid card over cash?

The main advantage is the safety of carrying a piece of plastic with access to your cash, versus carrying a fold of bills in your pocket. Cash may be lost or stolen and may be gone forever. With the prepaid card your money is safe even if you leave it somewhere so long as you take the precaution of keeping your PIN number away from the card.

What happens if the prepaid card is lost or stolen?

You should call the Call Center to report the loss or theft of a prepaid card. After you have reported the loss of a card, you are not responsible for any unauthorized transactions that may have occurred on the card.

How is a prepaid card different from a debit card?

A prepaid card is a re-loadable card limited to the amount of money that you have loaded on to the card. When you purchase an item with your prepaid card, the purchase amount is withdrawn from the spending balance on your card and never directly from the saving or checking account that you use to load money on to the card. A debit card on the other hand directly accesses your funds in the checking or savings account.

Can the prepaid card be used at ATMs?

Yes, the prepaid card will work at ATMs. You can withdraw cash with your card using the PIN up to the amount available on the card. The ATM withdrawal fee applies.

Are there spending limits?

The beauty of the prepaid card is that you set your own limits. Your spending power is limited only by how much money is loaded onto the card. When the money is finished, you just need to load more money on to the card.

Is a security deposit required to open a prepaid card?

No security deposit is required to open a prepaid card.

Will my prepaid card have interest or finance charges?

With a prepaid card you are not borrowing money and you will not be required to pay interest or finance charges on the card.

When I use my prepaid card, is the money taken from my card right away?


What happens if I return something I purchased with a prepaid card for a store refund?

Just like a regular credit card, the amount refunded will appear as a credit on your card account.

What if there isn’t enough money on my card to cover a purchase?

The transaction will be declined if you do not have enough money loaded on your card.

What is the maximum limit for withdrawal?

Max OMR 500 per day

Fees and commission

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fees
Cash Withdrawal at Sohar International ATMRO 0
Cash Withdrawal at other ATMs within OmanNetRO 0.100/-
Cash Withdrawal at ATMs outside OmanRO 2/-
Other Fees & Charges
Card Issuance FeeRO 3/-
Pin Re-Issue FeeRO 5/-
Card Replacement FeeRO 3/-
Duplicate Statement FeeRO 5/-
Receipt Copy Request Fee (on invalid disputes only)RO 10/-
Foreign Transactions Fees (apply for all transactions made in currencies other than OMR)2.50%

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Terms & Conditions

The issuance and use of the Sohar International Bank SAOG Prepaid Card shall be governed by and subject to the Terms and Conditions set out hereinafter and such Terms and Conditions shall remain binding on the Cardholder unless otherwise amended by the Bank in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement:

1. Definitions

“Agreement” means these Terms and Conditions.

“Bank” means Bank Sohar SAOG and its successors and assigns.

“Card” means the Prepaid card issued to a Cardholder by the Bank.

“Card Account” means the account maintained by the Bank for debiting all Card Transactions entered into by the Cardholder together with fees and other Card Charges.

“Card Application Form” means a document, signed and submitted by the customer to the Bank, requesting the Bank to approve and authorize issuance of a Card to the customer.

“Cardholder” means a person on whose application the Bank has agreed to issue a Card.

2. Receipt and use of the Card

2.1 The Card must be signed by the Cardholder immediately on receipt. It may only be used by the Cardholder within the Loaded Limit during the validity period embossed on the Card. The Card may be used for payment(s) in respect of any goods or services purchased or advanced and /or for availing Cash Advances, subject to the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

2.2 The Cardholder agrees that if the Card is sent to the Cardholder by registered mail or courier service to an address designated by the Cardholder, the Cardholder shall be deemed to have received the Card in good order and the Bank shall not incur any liability to the Cardholder or be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Cardholder of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused or suffered by the Cardholder, if the Card is not received or otherwise in connection with the use of such Card.

3. Loaded Limit

3.1 The Cardholder shall in his/her Card Application Form specify the amount which he/she would like to load to the credit of the Card Account. During the validity of the Agreement the Cardholder shall be entitled to use such amount for carrying out Card Transactions. The Cardholder shall be entitled to reload his/her Card Account from time to time during the validity period embossed on the Card by any of the following modes:

a) by depositing cash for credit to its Card Account, through any Bank Sohar Branch

b) online

c) by transferring from the Cardholder’s existing Bank Sohar account to the Card Account

4. The Card Account

4.1 The Bank will debit the Card Account with the amounts incurred on a Card Transaction and all Card Charges and any other liabilities of the Cardholder and any loss incurred by the Bank arising from the use of the Card. The Statement of Account sent to the Cardholder by the Bank shall be conclusive evidence of the Cardholder’s indebtedness to the Bank. The Cardholder is advised to preserve the sale or Cash Advance vouchers till the Statement of Account is received and reconciled by it.

4.2 The Bank will send to the Cardholder’s last known address the Statement of Account showing details of transactions carried out or entered into by the Cardholder during the preceding month.

4.3 The amount of any Card Transaction incurred in a currency other than Omani Rials will be converted to Omani Rials at a rate of exchange determined by the Bank for the date on which the Card Transaction is debited to the Card Account.

4.4 In the first Statement of Account issued after issuance of the Card or the renewal of the Card, as the case may be, the Bank, shall be entitled to charge and debit the Card Account with / fees for issuing or renewing the Card which amounts shall be non-refundable.

5. Payment

5.1 The Cardholder hereby agrees and undertakes to pay to the Bank fees and commissions in accordance with the Schedule of Fees and Commissions, payable in respect of Card Account.

5.2 If the Cardholder disagrees with any Card Charges stated in the Statement of Account the Cardholder must communicate the same to the Bank within 30 days of the Statement Date, failing which the Cardholder shall be deemed to have accepted the Card Charges set out in such Statement of Account and shall not be entitled to question such Card Charge at a later date.

6. Cash Advance

6.1 The Cardholder shall be eligible to use the Card to make withdrawals of Cash Advances on which a Cash Advance Charge shall be payable by the Cardholder .

6.2 The Bank shall not be responsible for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly, from any malfunction/failure of the Card or an ATM or the temporary insufficiency of funds in such machines or for any other reason whatsoever.

6.3 Any Cash Deposit made at an ATM shall only be deemed to have been received by the Bank upon verification and upon credit of such cash deposit to the Card Account.

7. Ownership of the Card

The Card shall, at all times, remain the property of the Bank. At the request of the Bank the Cardholder shall immediately return to the Bank or to any other person authorized by the Bank, all the Cards .

8. Termination

8.1 The Cardholder may terminate this Agreement by written notice to the Bank but such termination shall only be effective on the return to and receipt by the Bank of the Card.

8.2 Unless otherwise agreed by the Bank on the death of the Cardholder or upon the breach of any of these Terms and Conditions by the Cardholder, this Agreement shall stand terminated.

8.3 The Card shall expire if the Cardholder fails to reload the Card within [ ] days/months from the date of Card Account Statement showing that Cardholder has utilized the amount loaded by him/her and in such an event subject to the Bank’s right to recover the balance Card Charges, if any, the Cardholder shall be deemed to have terminated the Agreement.

8.4 The Bank may terminate this Agreement at any time by cancelling or refusing to renew or replace the Card with or without prior notice and with or without cause. Unless and until such termination takes place, the Bank shall provide a new Card to the Cardholder from time to time upon expiry, loss or destruction of the old Card.

8.5 Upon termination, the residual balance, if any, after adjusting the Cardholder’s outstanding liability in the Card Account shall be released by the Bank to the Cardholder.

9. Safeguarding the Card and PIN

9.1 The Cardholder shall not permit any other person to use the Card and shall at all times safeguard the Card and keep it under his/her personal control.

9.2 The Cardholder shall prevent the PIN becoming known to any other person.

9.3 The Cardholder shall not disclose the Card number to any third party except for the purpose of payment of Card Charges or loss or theft of the Card.

10. Loss of the Card

10.1 Upon discovery of the loss or theft of the Card, the Cardholder must inform the Card Services or any member bank displaying the Card logo by telephone, fax or telex message followed by confirmation in writing under the hand of the Cardholder or his attorney, supported by a police report evidencing a complaint lodged for the loss of the Card. The Cardholder shall be liable for all amounts debited to the Card Account as a result of the unauthorized use of the lost or stolen Card until written confirmation of its loss or theft has been received in writing by the Bank or a member bank displaying the Card logo. In the event the Cardholder recovers the lost or stolen Card/s, the Cardholder shall return the recovered Card to the Bank immediately.

10.2 The Cardholder shall provide to the Bank all information in the Cardholder’s possession as to the circumstances of the loss, theft or misuse of the Card and take all steps deemed necessary by the Bank to assist in the recovery of the missing Card.

10.3 The Bank shall be under no obligation to issue a replacement Card to the Cardholder following its loss or theft. Any replacement Card will be subject to the Cardholder paying a handling fee, and shall be issued where the Bank so determines, on the same Terms and Conditions as the original Card.

10.4 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Cardholder shall be liable for all losses caused to or suffered by the Bank arising from the use of the Card by any person obtaining possession of it with the Cardholder’s consent.

11. Refunds and Chargebacks

11.1 The Cardholder shall examine each Statement of Account and shall notify the Card Services of any alleged error therein within 30 days from the Statement Date. If no such error is notified by the Cardholder within the given time period the Statement of Account and entries contained therein shall be deemed to be accepted by the Cardholder as being correct and the Cardholder shall be deemed to have admitted his/ her liability to pay the amount mentioned in the Statement of Account.

11.2 The Card Account shall be credited with the amount of any erroneous entries alleged by the Cardholder only after such error is accepted by the Bank and the Bank has received a refund voucher. Any claim by a Cardholder against a third party shall not be considered as valid ground for cancellation of a Card Transaction nor shall the Cardholder be entitled to take such plea either as a defense or counter claim against the Bank in any recovery proceedings initiated by the Bank for recovery of the balance outstanding in the Card Account.

11.3 The Bank shall not be responsible for nor be liable to a Cardholder in case of non-acceptance of the Card by a third party.

11.4 The Bank shall not be responsible for goods or services purchased by a Cardholder using the Card.

11.5 The Card Account will not be credited in respect of a Chargeback amount until after the evidence provided to the Bank has been examined by it and the transaction under dispute is resolved to the satisfaction of the Bank. If the dispute is not resolved in the Cardholder’s favor, then the Cardholder shall be liable for the disputed amount.

12. Variation of the Agreement

12.1 The Bank may, in its absolute discretion at any time, amend, modify or vary:

(a) any of the Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement, as deemed necessary by the Bank and if required in accordance with the applicable laws and notify the Cardholder of such amendment, modification or variation.

(b) the fees and commission included in the Schedule of Fees and Commission and notify the Cardholder of such amendment, modification or variation.

12.2 The Cardholder shall be deemed to have accepted the amendments, modifications or variations made by the Bank to these Terms and Conditions as well as to the Schedule of Fees and Commissions, if the Cardholder decides not to terminate this Agreement and/or decides not to return the Card and continues to keep or use the Card after having been notified of such amendments, modifications or variations by the Bank.

12.3 Each of the Terms and Conditions contained herein shall be severable and distinct from one another and if at any time any one or more of the Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining Terms and Conditions shall not in anyway be affected thereby.

13. Legal Action

If, for any reason, the Cardholder fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions, the Bank is compelled to commence legal proceedings against the Cardholder then and in that event the Cardholder shall be responsible for the discharge of all legal cost, charges, fees and expenses incurred by the Bank in such legal proceedings.

14. Disclosure of Information

The Cardholder authorizes the Bank to disclose information concerning the Cardholder or the Card Account to such persons as the Bank deems appropriate, necessary or desirable in connection with the services provided by the Bank and/or the enforcement of any of the Bank’s rights and/ or the performance of any obligations of the Bank in respect of the Card Account or as may otherwise be required in accordance with the applicable laws.

15. General

15.1 The Bank shall not be liable to the Cardholder if it is unable to perform its obligations under this Agreement due (directly or indirectly) to the failure of any machine, data processing 19 system or transaction link or anything outside the control of the Bank, its agents, sub-contractors, service providers or promotional programs partners. The Bank’s inability to perform its obligations in such circumstances shall not be used as a defense in respect of the liability of the Cardholder for all Card Transactions that have taken place.

15.2 The Bank will not provide to the Cardholder Card Transaction vouchers (or sales vouchers) signed by the Cardholder Only in case of a dispute may the Bank, at the cost of the Cardholder, provide to the Cardholder a photocopy or microfiche copy as documentary proof of the Cardholder’s liability, provided the Cardholder makes a request in writing within 30 days from the relevant Statement Date.

15.3 The Cardholder irrevocably agrees and consents to the Bank transferring or sub-contracting its rights under these Terms and Conditions or the services provided by the Bank to the Cardholder to any third party, whether or not such third party operates in another jurisdiction or territory. The Bank shall remain liable to the Cardholder for any recoverable loss or damage incurred or suffered by the Cardholder as a result of the negligence, breach or default of any such third party, and will require such third party to maintain the confidentiality of any such information to the same extent as the Bank is required to do so pursuant to their Terms and Conditions.

15.4 Information about the Cardholder may be processed offshore.

15.5 Cardholder telephone calls may be recorded and retained by the Bank.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

16.1 The Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the Laws of the Sultanate of Oman.

16.2 In case of any disputes arising between the Parties hereto, the Primary Commercial Court of Oman shall have jurisdiction over the same.

16.3 In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the issue and use of the Card is subject to the Central Bank of Oman’s Regulations and other applicable Laws of Oman in force from time to time.